Pupils Sanctions


As the school is based on a system of trust, concern and respect for the individual, it is inappropriate to delineate an automatic sanction for most misdemeanors.  For many offences, discussion may well be the most sensible and effective approach.  For persistent faults, or more serious breaches of discipline, it may be appropriate to use one of the following sanctions.  For late and missing work, please refer to the procedure for dealing with Academic Progress problems.  The schools curriculum master may advise the use of daily reports to be signed by individual teachers.  The school does not tolerate the use of corporal punishment under any circumstances.

(a) For antisocial behavior, finding a socially useful job to be done, e.g. picking up litter in the grounds, extra washing up, or helping with a job needing immediate attention. Staff must check completion – known as community service.

(b) In many instances, a letter to parents asking their support in tackling the problem is the most effective deterrent, but should usually be reserved for major incidents, or an unacceptable accumulation of minor infringements.

(c) Although in general discipline is strengthened when pupils are dealt with directly by the member of staff concerned, there are occasions when reference should be made to senior staff.  During the school day, the Head teacher would be the normal source of support whereas in the House, or out of school hours, the House Master/mistress.  Major problems, in School or House, should of course be refereed to the Manager

(d) No form of sanction that could be held to be degrading or deliberately humiliating should be used.  All sanctions should be designed to promote better self – discipline, the long term good of the individual, and the community.

(e) Any sanction given should be recorded, with the reason for it and date.  The Head/deputy housemistress should keep their own book; members of staff an appropriate and accessible record.  We do have ‘Incident’ sheets for this purpose.

(f) As a Christian school, the forgiving and redemptive nature of the community should be evident.  Equally, the more genuinely the pupils can be encouraged in all aspects of their lives to promote the growth of self – esteem, the less the need for sanctions.
However, we must confront poor behaviour and low standards wherever they are evident.

Eating and drinking are forbidden in corridors, classrooms and should be confined to dining and common rooms only.

Inappropriate and incorrect dress or appearance should always be challenged.  If a pupil persist in not following the dress code, member of staff should insist on their a returning to the boarding house to change, or b) contact parents to emphasize that the child must come into school the following day wearing the correct dress code/uniform.  Any persistent problems must be followed up.

Food from Outside is banned in school, anywhere on site unless during visiting days.  Food brought on visiting days must be consumed within the visiting period.  Any food left with the pupils will be destroyed the following day.


All new pupils who wish to join All Saints Kianyaga can visit the school or call to book for interviews as from 4th November 2018.

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