Fixed Term and Permanent Exclusion



These are measures considered only when all other rewards and sanctions have failed to change unacceptable behaviour, or in instances of serious misconduct.  Any decisions or processes will always be based on legal and/or professional advice.

Suspension – [between one session and up to a maximum of 7 days in any school year, or 2 days in any one term].  This sanction can be necessary if other forms of discipline and guidance have failed:

More than two or three instances of continous drop in classwork, truancy, failure to comply with the rules or codes of conduct as specified after a final warning.  It may be necessary for an investigation into serious allegations to ask a child not to attend school.  Work will be provided to ensure that learning is not affected.
Instances of serious offences for which we would consider permanent exclusion might include:
o Stealing other pupils’ property.
o Possession of illegal substances Violence to another person.
o Sexual abuse, assault.
o Carrying an offensive weapon.
o Repeated or persistent bullying.
o Aggression or threat to a member of staff.

If a situation arises in which the risk of serious disruption, influence or damage to the school community becomes imminent, then we must always protect and support the majority rather than the individual.  Only in circumstances where we are forced to make this choice, would we move to exclude a child permanently from the school.  We work to change behaviour, to encourage and strengthen self – esteem.  Very few, if any, children are beyond ‘redemption’.

The ‘suspension’ would always be coupled with measures that will support an individual or individuals to receive appropriate treatment and continue their studies under strict supervision.

Any consideration of expulsion would be thoroughly investigated and parents and guardians will be contacted at the earliest possible time.
We may exclude a child from the boarding environment and help her/him to return as a day – child, or possibly use partial exclusion in the form of internal exclusion from specific classes or activities depending on the merits of the case. Expulsion is done by the director only and is not delegated to anybody else in the school. No child will be expelled unless in the presence of the parent or guardian

Every parent, pupil or guardian has the right to appeal against the School’s decision.


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