At All saints the all – round care and development of the individual is and always has been central to the ethos of the school.  The school endeavors to provide a caring and supportive environment for each individual.  Based on this the school promotes the development of a range of personal skills and qualities, such as decision – making, communication, listening, negotiation, assertiveness, self – esteem and, most importantly, an appreciation of and respect for others, their values and opinions.

No school community can claim, with absolute certainty, that “There is no bullying here”.  Every school has some degree of bullying, even if only slight or infrequent.  Therefore, a whole – school policy is central to any efforts to tackle the problem of bullying.  The anti – bullying policy provides a framework for intervention and prevention, and is an extension of our behaviour policy, based on the compassionate and supportive ethos of All Saints Academy.

Section 53,54 and 55 of the Kenyan constitution  requires schools to offer their pupils a balanced and broadly based curriculum, which promotes their spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development.  Approaches to spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development are set out. in the education act and Schools are expected to uphold certain values, including those which reject bullying and cruelty.  .

The policy, therefore, establishes a clear set of agreed aims, which provides pupils, staff and parents with a sense of direction and an understanding of the commitment of the school to do something about bullying behaviour.  To enable implementation of the policy, the school will define procedures and systems for preventing and responding to bullying.


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